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Whether you're running an agency, spear-heading its people strategy or leading a team, we know you're facing multiple challenges at any one time. How to support and retain your people whilst attracting fresh talent, building consistently strong leaders or managing your own career progression.

We've built offerings that get to the heart of your challenges. We draw on our agency experience and coaching expertise to best support you and your agency.

The Benefits


Providing Everything You Need


Increased employee engagement

By identifying development opportunities, building accountability and achieving goals, we engage and empower your talent.


Reduced stress & burnout

Workload is one of the biggest drivers of employee stress. We work with your people to help them effectively manage tasks and spot signs of strain before they become an issue.


Increased performance & effectiveness

Working 1:1 with your talent we help them identify motivators, increase self-awareness and confidence. All of which are vital in improving performance. 


Reduced talent churn

Retaining talent is about more than salary. It's about developing people. Listening to, supporting and arming them with the skills needed to thrive means you're able to hold on to your greatest assets.

The Culture Report

The first step in unleashing the talent within your agency is understanding your people. We offer a free audit to help you learn what motivates and empowers your next generation of leadership.


Through a combination of our independent survey and 1:1 interviews, we gain valuable insights, input and feedback from the people who make up your organisation.


This is an opportunity to take the temperature of your agency, harness the findings and create change for the common good whilst demonstrating your commitment to your teams.

Common Good Co. Agency Culture Report
Common Good Co. Accelerator Day Icon

Accelerator Days

A great way to complement existing employee engagement programmes and start to instil coaching behaviours in your agency culture. Our Accelerator days consist of:

  • Up to 10 speed coach/mentor sessions

  • 1 hour tailored lunch & learn 

Super 6 Coaching Package

The perfect way to engage with your top talent, stengthen loyalty or prepare the next generation of agency leadership. Our super 6 package provides:

  • 6 hours 1:1 coaching per person

  • Up to 6 team members

  • Up to 6 months

Common Good Co. Coaching Package Icon
Common Good Co. Bespoke Agency Package Icon

Bespoke Agency package

We know one size doesn't fit all and no two agencies are the same. We will tailor a programme of work which responds to the specific challenges and make up of your agency. 

We start by conducting our culture report, then work with you to shape the programme based on real insights. Your programme might include a combination of 1:1 coaching, mentoring and training for your teams.

Individual Coaching

If you're looking for a career coach or to focus on your personal development then our individual coaching works for you. 

We're working with agency leaders, freelancers and those facing career changes, to offer the same benefits of coaching on an individual basis.

Common Good Co. Individual Coaching Icon
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