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Introducing Common Good Company

Updated: Jun 8, 2021

We are thrilled to have created Common Good Company, we’re passionate about the marketing & advertising industry and we're here to support its talent and agencies at a time where burnout and churn are at an all time high.

With over 20 years’ experience in global agencies we understand the challenges faced, both on the business and people side. We’ve experienced the highs and the lows first hand and we see a better, more sustainable way. As professionally trained and certified coaches we also have the know-how to challenge and improve the status quo.

When people and teams are working well together good things happen. Individual and collective talent thrives, productivity increases, ideas flourish and grow. Like watching an orchestra or your favourite team win, magic happens. And the benefits of that, to individuals and to the collective, are huge.

But it’s not always easy. Pre-pandemic staff turnover in agencies was 3 times that of other industries, and the latest evidence shows the pandemic has only served to increase that by as much as 30%.

Stress, burnout and revolving doors are commonplace in ad agencies and to some, accepted as the norm but it affects both individuals and agencies negatively.

Now is the time to invest in your talent and the next generation of agency leadership

At Common Good Company we create the ideal environment to support and retain agency talent. Through a blend of 121 coaching & mentoring as well as group training modules, we help them (and you) to build high performing teams based on trust, purpose and development.

We start from the big picture - understanding your agency values, vision and purpose and then work with you to build a clear picture of the health of your agency, how your people are really feeling and where to best focus our energy.

From there we’ll design a programme of coach mentoring which will be focussed on the outcomes and challenges that matter most to your talent - whether that’s developing confidence, communication skills, career direction, raising self-awareness and much more.

Drawing on our experience and background we’ll then provide tailored training to optimise the way your teams function and operate together - whether that’s supercharging 121s, tackling difficult conversations, giving a receiving feedback, or managing to manage.

Through all of this we leave you with a sustainable model that will exist long after the programme of work ends as well as delivering a clear statement of intent of your continued commitment and support of your greatest assets.

Common Good Company represents something truly special for us. It brings together our passion for the industry and our expertise in working with and supporting great talent. We've created what we wished we'd had and we’re firm believers in the positive and lasting impact this has on both the business and its people.

If you are interested in hearing more and understanding how we might be able to support your agency, do drop us a line at or get some time in for a chat by visiting

Emily & Alex

Professional Coaches & Co-Founders

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